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Warning: Please, be aware that data displayed on this page have not been fully processed, checked, and corrected and may not be free of mistakes and biases. The final HFD release of these data may differ from their present version.

Input data
Births by month
Women by age and parity
2006, 2011
Population size and deaths
Human Mortality Database
no data
no data

Birth counts, population exposures, and rates: period
All birth orders combined
By birth order
year, age, cohort
year, age
year, cohort
year, age, cohort
year, age
year, cohort
Birth counts
1955-2014 1955-2014 1955-2014 1989-2014 1989-2014 1989-2014
Female population exposure
1955-2014 1955-2014 1955-2014---
Age-specific fertility rates
- 1955-2014 1955-2014- 1989-2014 1989-2014

Data sources

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