The Human Fertility Database

Research Teams

Two teams of researchers have prime responsibility for the creation and maintenance of the HFD. These teams are based at the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPIDR), Rostock, Germany and its Laboratory of Demographic Data and at the Vienna Institute of Demography (VID) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria. The HFD teams benefit from external advice by members of the HFD Advisory Board.

Members of the HFD team at the MPIDR:

Members of the HFD team at the VID:

Joshua R. Goldstein (the former MPIDR Director and the founding director of the HFD), Vladimir Shkolnikov (the former director of the HFD), Tomáš Sobotka, Aiva Jasilioniene, Dmitri Jdanov, Evgueni Andreev (who was working with the Laboratory of Demographic Data during 2005-2011), Dimiter Philipov (VID), and Kryštof Zeman took part in extensive discussions on the HFD design and methodology. Aiva Jasilioniene, Dmitri Jdanov and Vladimir Shkolnikov wrote the core part of the Methods Protocol. Dimiter Philipov together with German Rodriguez (Princeton University, US) developed a method for splitting 5-year birth counts into single years of age. Kryštof Zeman developed an algorithm for transforming census-based distribution of female population by parity to the 1st of January and for obtaining data on live births from total births counts. Kryštof Zeman and Tomáš Sobotka proposed a basic system of data quality checks and documented the estimation procedure for obtaining age and parity-specific distribution of the female population.

Dmitri Jdanov, Aiva Jasilioniene, and Evgueni Andreev wrote computer programs for various data adjustments and the computation of output fertility indicators and fertility tables. More specifically, Dmitri Jdanov developed programs for distributing births with unknown age and/or unknown birth order, splitting lower and upper open-ended age intervals, splitting five-year age groups, and for splitting one-year age groups into Lexis triangles. Aiva Jasilioniene and Evgueni Andreev developed programs for further computation of fertility rates, cohort and period fertility tables, and aggregated cohort and period fertility indicators. Edward J. Nash was working with the Laboratory of Demographic Data during 2010-2011 and incorporated all the HFD programs into one integrated package written in R, generating input and output files as well as producing data quality checks. He continues assisting the HFD team in maintaining the HFD program package.

Dmitri Jdanov built the internal HFD website and with the assistance of Evgueni Soroko (Institute of Demography at the Higher School of Economics, Moscow) created the official HFD web application.

Aiva Jasilioniene, Kryštof Zeman and Olga Grigoriev are HFD country specialists, responsible for contacts and communications with data providers, institutions and country experts from specific countries (see the list of HFD countries that each of the country specialists is in charge of at the bottom of the webpage).

Pavel Grigoriev works on improving the methods used in the HFD.

Jude Mikal was working with the Laboratory of Demographic Data during 2008-2009 and assisted the MPIDR team with the preparation of input data files. Dora Kostova was part of the MPIDR team during 2010-2015. She was one of the HFD country specialists and worked as acting Project Coordinator during the absence of the Project Coordinator. Sebastian Klüsener was a member of the Laboratory of Demographic Data during 2014-2016. He was one of the HFD country specialists and continued to be engaged in the project until June 2018, i.e. for as long as he was part of the MPIDR. Sigrid Gellers-Barkmann was a MPIDR team member until August 2017. Sigrid Gellers-Barkmann and Karolin Kubisch were (Karolin Kubisch continues to be) responsible within the MPIDR team for data searches, formatting and preparation of various pieces of data and documents, and partially for communications with national statistical offices.

Jonas Günther, Thomas Fritze, Raul Janetzky, Anne Jenzen, Anett Loth, Jörn Lübke, Anne Range, and Susen Schmidt are (were) Student Assistants for the MPIDR team, helping with reorganizing data, data search, and data transcription from paper to electronic format. Caroline Berghammer (VID) designed the HFD information flyer.

The researchers responsible for the countries currently included in the HFD are as follows (alphabetical order):

  • Olga Grigoriev (MPIDR): Belarus, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine.
  • Aiva Jasilioniene (MPIDR): Canada, Estonia, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Germany, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Sweden, USA, Taiwan.
  • Kryštof Zeman (VID): Austria, Bulgaria, Chile, Czechia, France, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, UK.