Downloading the HFD in zipped data files

The Human Fertility Database has also been organized into zipped data files. This should facilitate rapid downloads of large amounts of HFD output data. Two series of these files are offered for different purposes.

For users who only want information of a given data type (e.g., birth counts) for all countries, zipped files "By data type" are recommended. Countries are presented here using standardized international country codes maintained by the International Organization for Standardization.

For users who want to obtain all available data for an individual country or for all countries, zipped data files labeled "By country" are recommended.

The file organization follows their internal organization in the HFD, and all publicly-available HFD data files are included in this set.

By statistic

Data type Link to zip file
Births births (11,2 Mb )
Female exposure exposure (4,5 Mb )
Age-specific fertility rate asfr (8,7 Mb )
Tempo-adjusted TFR adjtfr (31,3 Kb )
Mean age at birth mab (92,4 Kb )
Total fertility rate tfr (92,7 Kb )
Cumulative fertility rates cfr (3,7 Mb )
Parity progression ratios ppr (6 Kb )
Fertility tables ftables (6,1 Mb )
Population exposure by parity parityexp (1,3 Mb )
Conditional age-specific fertility rates casfr (756,3 Kb )
Table mean age at birth pmab (20,2 Kb )
Parity- and age-adjusted TFR (PATFR) patfr (19 Kb )
Crude birth rate cbr (35,8 Kb )
Standard deviation in mean age at birth sdmab (81,6 Kb )
All types of HFD dataicon36,6 Mb

By country