HFD member-initiated meeting at the 2015 PAA Annual Meeting

The HFD Project team organized an HFD side meeting "Human Fertility Database: Expanding research opportunities" at the 2015 PAA Annual Meeting held in San Diego (USA) on 29 April 2015. The HFD Meeting brought together current and potential users of the two fertility data repositories, the Human Fertility Database (HFD) and the Human Fertility Collection (HFC), and researchers responsible for creating and maintaining these databases to discuss available data, methods, new research opportunities, as well as prospects for future expansion.

HFD side meeting's programme

Presentations at the HFD side meeting

Human Fertility Data Project

  1. Joshua R. Goldstein "Human Fertility Database: Origins and Ambitions of the HFD" [Presentation]
  2. Dmitri Jdanov and Tomas Sobotka "The HFD and HFC in a nutshell" [Presentation]
  3. Tomas Sobotka and Dmitri Jdanov "The HFD user's guide: available data and indicators, examples and illustrations" [Presentation]

Research presentations

  1. Pavel Grigoriev and Dmitry Jdanov "Splitting abridged fertility data using different interpolation methods. Is there the optimal solution?" [Presentation]
  2. Joshua R. Goldstein and Thomas B. Cassidy "Four mathematical models of fertility change" Presentation]
  3. Carl Schmertmann "Mining the HFD for robust fertility patterns over age and time" [Presentation]
  4. Tim Riffe "Getting HFD/HFC data into R" [Technical report]

Future plans

  1. Everton E. Lima and Mathias Nathan "Developing fertility database for Latin America: a quick overview" [Presentation]
  2. Dmitri Jdanov and Tomas Sobotka "The HFD and HFC: future plans" [Presentation]

Special thanks to HFD Founding Director Joshua R. Goldstein (UC Berkeley), the Department of Demography at UC Berkeley, and the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research for providing financial support for this session.